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Finished in classic Dark Blue with beautiful Blue Connolly leather interior. This magnificent motorcar is among one of the most important, well documented HK500’s on the market today. This one-of-a-kind motorcar was built for Facel-Vega founder Jean Daninos’ personal friend and famed auto collector Wilbur Rice. A spectacular, no expense spared restoration has just been completed and HK1CV5 is now ready to be shown or driven. We are proud to offer this magnificent HK500 to the most astute collector or investor who understands and appreciates the investment potential of this great marque. Bid with confidence – this might just be one of the best finds on eBay! HISTORY OF THE FACEL-VEGA: The Facel Vega was the brainchild of Jean Daninos, whose determination led him to recreate the classic French grande routière exemplified by Bugatti, Delage, Hotchkiss, Delahaye and Talbot in the years between the wars. After working with Citroen on the development of pressed steel bodies, Daninos established Forges et Ateliers de Construction d’Eure-et-Loir in 1939 for the manufacture of aircraft components and metal furniture, specializing in stainless steel. After the war, Facel built bodies for Panhard, Simca and Ford-France (described here) and also produced Pininfarina-designed coachwork for the Daninos-inspired Bentley Cresta, precursor of the famed Bentley Continental. Building on the experience of these ventures, Daninos unveiled his first Facel – the aptly named Vega – at the Paris Salon in 1954. Over the next 10 years, the range progressed through the FV to the HK500 and Facel II models – all being fitted with the most powerful Chrysler V8 engines available. They were luxuriously appointed 2+2 coupes except for a limited-production limousine, the Excellence, produced from 1958 to 1962, with the remarkable feature of four doors with no central pillar. In 1959 the Facellia was introduced at the Paris Salon. This beautiful two-seater convertible was a major step by Daninos towards his ultimate aim of an all-French car. The 1647cc twin overhead cam engine was designed and manufactured in collaboration with Pont-à-Mousson, who were already producing manual gearboxes for the Chrysler-engined cars. The Facellia range was later expanded to include two- and four-seater fixed-head coupes. Unfortunately, despite some advanced features and high power output for its size, lack of development and production difficulties caused disappointing reliability and the resultant poor publicity led directly to the demise of the company. Later versions of the small Facel were powered by Volvo or Austin Healey engines. Approximately 2900 cars of all models were hand-built in the short life of Facel. All were stylish, luxurious and fast. Naturally they were also very expensive – prices for the Facel II were comparable to those of the equivalent Rolls Royce – and were bought by the rich and famous seeking something different and distinctive. The exclusive styling and prestigious aura appealed to royalty and other notables – the star-studded list of owners is a miniature “Who’s Who”, with a shah, a king, ambassadors, princes and presidents, Danny Kaye, Tony Curtis, Francois Truffaut, Brian Rix, Ringo Starr, Lionel Bart, Joan Fontaine, and Ava Gardner (who had no less than three). To complete the grande routière image, great racing figures of the time such as Rob Walker, Maurice Trintignant and Stirling Moss, used Facels to cover the distances between the race tracks of Europe at high speed in comfort and safety. In total, 164 of the cars were sold in the UK – only 62 are known to remain (the Club is actively trying to trace missing cars listed here). Because of these small numbers the marque has been largely forgotten except by classic car buffs and the few members of the Facel Vega Car Club, which must be one of the smallest clubs of its kind. In recent years however, some well restored cars have appeared leading to renewed interest in this first of the post-war EuroAmerican hybrids. The supercar appearance of the HK500 and the elegant French style of the Facel II create a stir when displayed today as much as when they were first seen, and the Facellia remains one of the prettiest and most well-appointed small sports cars ever produced. We have to be thankful that Jean Daninos followed his star. According to Facel, the HK500 out-performed the Ferrari 250GT, the Mercedes 300SL and the Aston Martin DB4 as regards acceleration 0-60mph, speed over a 1km distance, and fuel economy. It was also claimed to be the fastest car of its genre in production for a four year period. HISTORY OF THE HK500: Facel founder Jean Daninos’ first-generation Facel Vega was unquestionably an automobile steeped in the grand routier tradition, spiritual heir to the prewar greatness of Delage and Delahaye. It was also a commendable effort for a new manufacturer. Intended as a big and brawny Routes Nationale cruiser, not a “turn-on-a-dime” sports car, the car was massively engineered and thus heavy at over 3,700 pounds, but could easily exceed 100 mph. The cabin was lush, with leather trim and an impressive array of instruments and switches as well as fold-down rear seatbacks that provided additional access to the trunk. In fact, Daninos not only sold all he could build (including 11 special convertibles) but actually made a modest profit, setting the stage for a more ambitious effort, the HK500. The HK500 continued on the 105-inch wheelbase of the Facel Vega FVS, so accommodation remained more that of a 2 + 2 coupé than a full four-seater. Still, the new envelope was smarter and more contemporary than the FVS; the HK500 was crisper and more Detroit-inspired, right down to stacked quad headlamps and a fully wrapped windshield with “dogleg” A-pillars. The HK500 also continued Facel’s fondness for Chrysler V-8 power. Later cars featured the American firm’s new 383-cid wedge-head unit, with two four-barrel Carter carburetors that was rated at 360 horsepower. As the HK500 weighed only a little more than the FVS and considerably less than the 1954 model, the bigger Wedge engine gave truly formidable performance. Top speed was at least 140 mph, and the 0-60 mph sprint took place in under 8.5 seconds. Though faster, more stylish and more roadworthy than its predecessor, the HK500 was still mainly a grand touring machine a comfortable, lavishly equipped high-speed cruiser of obvious quality. PRESTIGIOUS OWNER’S OF THE FACEL-VEGA: The exclusive styling and prestigious aura appealed to royalty and other notables. The star-studded list of owners is a miniature Who’s Who of royalty and diplomats: the Shah of Iran, the King of Morocco, Prince Saoud of Arabia, Prince Charles of Belgium, the President of Mexico, the US ambassador to Brussels, the French ambassador to Norway, etc. Hollywood royalty and industry luminaries embraced the marque as well: Debbie Reynolds, Danny Kaye, Joan Collins, Tony Curtis, Gardner McKay, Henry J. Kaiser, Joan Fontaine, Anthony Quinn, Ringo Starr, and three-time owner Ava Gardener. Great racing drivers of the time such as Rob Walker, Maurice Trintignant, and Stirling Moss used Facels to cover the distances between the race tracks of Europe at high speed in comfort and safety.
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<span ></span> 1961 FACEL-VEGA HK500 2-DOOR COUPE <span ></span> 1961 FACEL-VEGA HK500 2-DOOR COUPE <span ></span> 1961 FACEL-VEGA HK500 2-DOOR COUPE
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