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Finished in desired Safety Red with beautiful Light Tan interior. This incredible motorcar has been driven just 7,676 miles from new and comes equipped with all desired options, including factory air conditioning. This investment grade SV-1 Bricklin would make a great addition to any top collection or museum that desires to acquire one of the best. I personally believe the Bricklin’s are underpriced for the rarity, as well as their place in American history as one of the safest production cars built. With their Gullwing doors, built in roll cage and many unique features, I believe the investment potential will grow beyond your imagination. We are proud to offer this extremely low mile, magnificent Bricklin to the most astute collector, investor or enthusiast who understands and appreciates the investment potential of this great classic. Bid with confidence – you will not be disappointed in this truly one-of-a-kind find! HISTORY OF THE BRICKLIN: MalcomBricklin Malcolm Bricklin made his first million in hardware/plumbing supply franchising in Florida before he was 25. He followed that by starting Subaru of America and imported the Subaru 360. He left Subaru of America to build his own automobile; not a ‘one-off’, a kit or repli-car, but a production car; his own car company. The New Brunswick government put up the lions share of the capital hoping to provide jobs at two plants in Minto and Saint John. Bricklin’s initial intention was to sell the cars for $4000. That price went to $6500, then $7490 by the time the first 1974 model was actually bought. The 1975 model skyrocketed to $9980. Production by 1975 was supposed to be at the rate of 1000/month. In the 2 years production took place, the best month saw 429 Bricklins come off the line while January and February of 1975 saw none. Since the drivetrain, suspension, and many other components were from Detroit, Bricklin was continually fighting a losing supply battle. It become increasingly difficult to obtain more money from the New Brunswick government for manufacturing when the production volume just wasn’t going up. The lack of additional capital, along with poor quality and high scrap count body panels, the troublesome electro-hydraulic door system, leaky door weather-stripping, and generally inferior manufacturing quality when compared to Detroit, all lead to the demise of the Bricklin as a production car. There were 780 produced in 1974 with a 220bhp AMC 360cid V-8. Because of short engine supply from AMC, in 1975 a switch was made to the 175bhp Ford 351W V-8. The 1975 model year saw 2062 cars come off the assembly line. Bricklin went into receivership in Sept of 1975 with 12 cars left on the line that had VIN plates issued as 1976’s. There still seems to be quite a bit of discrepancies in reported production numbers. Several cars were completed years later, making the production figure even more fuzzy. Clarkson Company, the court-appointed receiver in Canada, sold the last 287 75’s and the 12 76’s to Bill Byers of Columbus Ohio along with all stock and rights to the Bricklin name and trademark. A final figure of 2854 is generally accepted as the production count for General Vehicle. Some cars were assembled from parts and may have VINs that exceed the 3000 mark. ABOUT THE BRICKLIN: The Bricklin is a gull-wing sports car that was manufactured in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada for exclusive sale in the United States. Production at the plant began in mid 1974 and continued through late 1975 with three model years resulting (1974, 1975 & 1976). There were 2854 cars built before Bricklin went bankrupt. An estimated 1500 still exist today. Bricklin International (BI) reports 570 active members with cars on the road and in restoration. The single model built was given the designation SV-1, for Safety Vehicle 1. It had a built in roll cage, side guard rails and shock absorbing, 5-mph bumpers that receded into the car. It was not only safe in an accident, but had the power and handling to avoid one. The Bricklin far exceeded safety requirements of the time. Like the DeLorean which came after it, the Bricklin was a futuristic vehicle which was well liked by owners and the automotive press, but was never produced in large enough numbers to be profitable. Bricklin owners have a club which publishes a quarterly magazine and sponsors yearly meets on the east and west coasts. The second distinguishing design feature of the Bricklin (besides the gull-wing doors) is the acrylic body. A vacuum forming process bonded color-impregnated acrylic to each fiberglass body panel. The Bricklin was delivered to the customer without paint. Minor scratches would be buffed out. The Bricklin came only in the standout colors of: All the cars were black below the belt-line and had beige interiors. In keeping with the safety theme, there was no ashtray or cigarette lighter.
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<span ></span> 1974 BRICKLIN SV-1 <span ></span> 1974 BRICKLIN SV-1 <span ></span> 1974 BRICKLIN SV-1
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