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Finished in classic Ascot Gray with beautiful Dark Gray fenders and matching interior. This incredible motorcar was part of one of the largest and most prominent collections in California. To find a pre-war Traction Avant is extremely rare, especially in this superb condition. We are proud to present what we believe to be one of the best examples on the market today. Bid with confidence – you will not be disappointed in this truly rare, rare find! HISTORY OF THE TRACTION AVANT: The floating-power engine, which is used around the world today, was developed in 1932 by US engineers on the basis of studies conducted by French researchers. The objective is to place the engine on rubber shims so that vibrations are no longer transmitted to the chassis and the rest of the car. The invention captured the imagination of André Citroën, who bought the exclusive license for Europe. At the Paris Motor Show in October 1932, the C4 and C6 were placed by the 8, the 10 and the 15. The “Rosalies” as the cars are known, broke several international records at the Linas-Montlhery aerodrome. As the French automotive industry began to feel the effects of the economic crisis gripping America at the beginning of the 1930s, André Citroën rebuilt the Javel plant in five months – between March and July 1933 – without interrupting production. At the same time he began work on a new car that would be a milestone in automotive history: the Traction Avant. In 1934, when cars were still built from a wooden structure covered with metal parts and fixed to a chassis, with the engine bolted on directly, wheels mounted on stiff axles and brakes operated by cables or rods, André Citroën created the modern volume production car, as it is built today. In addition to its front drive wheels, the Traction Avant has an all-steel monocoque body, an engine mounted on a Silentbloc and independent front and rear wheels. It was designed to take into account the distribution of weight and the flow of air around and under the floor. What car by a leading marque would fail to recognize itself in that definition today? It is clear that the Citroën Traction Avant showed the way to carmakers the world over. André Citroën hoped that the new car would enable his company to ride out the crisis, but he was too optimistic. Although the new car arrived on the market in April, he was forced to step down as manager of the company at the beginning of 1935. A man of great foresight and exceptional creative talent, André Citroën was always ready to innovate with new projects and ideas. He understood that the car would be used for both work and leisure and that it would be available to the masses. He was one of the prime movers of this revolution. The company was taken over by Pierre Michelin and Pierre Boulanger, the second son of the right-hand man of Edouard Michelin, head of the tire firm based in Clermont-Ferrand, central France. The men from Michelin came to Paris in 1934 to assist André Citroën. After his death, they continued to manage the quai de Javel plant, a magnificent showcase of glass, steel and concrete that housed a diamond: the Traction Avant. But the diamond was still uncut. It must be finished and polished before it can reveal the splendor of which it had already given a glimpse. At the price of many sacrifices, Citroën returned to the ranks of leading carmakers in 1937. The legend of the Traction was on the move! Pierre Michelin died in an accident at the end of 1937 but the company was already looking to the future with confidence. A number of studies were initiated for new models, leading to the 15CV, queen of the road in 1938, then the TUB van in 1939. The 2CV was scheduled to arrive on the market in the same year but, when World War II broke out, the management team at quai de Javel were forced to abandon their dream of a small popular car; a dream that was on the point of becoming reality. However, military production took priority. But the war is succeeded by the sadly fated French campaign, the flight of the refugees, and the occupation. At the end of the war, Citroën started reworking US lorry engines and put its plants back to work again. The first post-war vehicles to carry the double chevron were lorries intended for French troops and for the authorities, who were in great need of transport to rebuild the country.
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<span ></span> 1938 CITROEN TRACTION AVANT <span ></span> 1938 CITROEN TRACTION AVANT <span ></span> 1938 CITROEN TRACTION AVANT
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Ascot Gray
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